Important information:   
 NEW ONE:  http://www.wiley.com/college/apcentral/anatomydrill/
Another new one:  www.quizlet.com
Link for a number of good you tube videos (both A&P I and A&P II can use this   http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAnatomyZone/videos?sort=dd&shelf_id=0&view=0

SPring Schedule:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
OPEN LAB Bradley A&P II lab section 1      
8:00-9:00 8:00-9:50      
  Dr. Dolan A&P II lab section 4 OPEN LAB Alix HSF II section 2
  Alex Worm-TA 9:00-10:50 9:00-10:00 9:00-10:50 
OPEN LAB Megan  A&P II lab section 2 Dr. Dolan A&P II lab section 6 Dr. Diane Gilmore
10:00-12:00 10:00-11:50 Megan Buckley-TA 10:00-11:50 Megan Buckley-TA
Open Lab ALEX Worm Dr. Dolan A&P II lab section 5 Dr. G. Zhou  
11:00-12:00 Lance Renoux-TA 11:00-12:50 Jeremiah Salinger-TA  
  A&P II lab section 3 Dr. Dolan    
  12:00-1:50 Alex Worm-TA    
HSF I lab Dr. Rich Grippo A&P I lab section 3   HSF II section 3
1:00-2:50 Lance Renoux-TA 1:00-2:50   1:00-2:50
Dr. Diane Gilmore OPEN LAB Lance Dr. Rich Grippo   Dr. Diane Gilmore
Morgan 2:00-3:00 Patrick Moore-TA   Megan Buckley-TA
  HSF II section 1 A&P I lab section 1 A&P I section 4  
Open Lab Jeremiah  3:00-4:50 3:00-4:50 3:00-4:50  
3:30-5:30 Dr. Diane Gilmore Dr. Rich Grippo Noelle Sanchez  
  Lance Renoux-TA Patrick Moore-TA Bradley Rogers-TA  
  OPEN LAB-Morgan  OPEN LAB Patrick    
  5:00-6:00 5:00-6:30    
    A&P I lab section 2 A&P I section 7  
    7:00-8:50 7:00-8:50  
    Dr. Rich Grippo Dr. Maureen Dolan  
    Alix Matthews-TA Alex Worm-TA  
Contact information TA patrickr.moore@smail.astate.edu
alix.matthews@smail.astate.edu bradleys.rogers@smail.astate.edu
lance.renoux@smail.astate.edu megan.buckley@smail.astate.edu
alexander.worm@smail.astate.edu Jeremiah.salinger@smail.astate.edu

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